About Us

Amidst the background of social instability and the ever increasing erosion of family life, Crescent Haven has been, is and will always be (Inshallah) a sanctuary for our children in need. Beyond our doors the transformation of broken lives from old wintry dull moments to warm summery ones is the order of the day at the home.


Our children are given their daily dosage of love by our house mothers & fathers. We enrol our kids into school & madressah, as well as encourage extra activities when suitable during evenings or weekends. Our Principal, staff, social workers & board members  do their best to ensure that the kids are given the best up-brining to help them cope with the real world. 


The Crescent Haven Welfare Society started from very humble begining. We are a home for orphans, abondoned and destitute children & you. We are based in Lenasia, Gauteng. The home was opened 5 November 1993. We currently have 2 homes, one for boys & one for girls, with both home adjacent to each other.

We are a legally registered non-profit organisation in South Africa as follow government laws & rules. The home has a reputation of being extremely helpful by many referring agencies. We are in content contact with the HSRC &  the Welfare & Justice departments.


To develop children into healthy, productive individuals who would be able to contribute meaningfully to society. 

Our Mission

To provide holistic care for orphaned, abandoned, abused, destitute and neglected children and youth in order to nurture their positive growth and development towards being a productive individuals in society and to ensure that the child and youth have a family to return to. We try to focus on 




Psychological needs

Family Reconstruction

Extra Curricular Activities

 Interaction in the community

Religious Islamic Education

Manners & character building

We provide a home like environment where children are encouraged to develop at their own pace. 

We have an Islamic ethos for the home.